When talking about dating to other people, it becomes clear that we all have different needs and wants. Some of us are searching for love and are looking for the one ultimate partner for serious and long term commitment; whilst others tend to enjoy just having a bit of fun by dating casually. But when it comes to casual dating, feelings are almost left on the side and replaced by lust; which is enough for some but could you handle such relationships without any true feelings?

Different needs and wants

Being a casual dater isn’t always a sign of being too busy, some people are just not interested in committing to a long term partner. It is not just a matter of not wanting serious relationships, some of us just want to be sexually active whilst keeping all the advantages of being single. And being single is exactly how some want to live their lives, not having to be accountable to someone else and being able to focus on their own needs and desires. It might sound selfish and unrewarding to some but living one’s life the way they decide to is one of life’s true remaining freedoms. Where people see beauty and romance in marriage, others just see it as meaningless conformism.  Once again, being able to choose your own lifestyle is all down to individual choice.

The good side of casual dating

One of the clear advantages of casual dating is the experience that comes from hooking up with multiple partners. Being able to use the best fuck sites and choose who we want based on their looks and other different attributes is a great freedom, and this can be done without hurting or manipulating people who may have different intentions. After all there are plenty of people out there who want to enjoy no strings dating so there is no point lying to people to get them in bed when you can find partners online who want exactly the same thing you do!

Fun but with respect

Ultimately, the act of meeting people for casual fun doesn’t mean that it has to be done in a disrespectful way; whatever you might have seen in dirty movies does not really apply. So the best way to behave is to be polite and pleasant, as well as showing your partners that you care about what they want.  The truth is that even if you are just having fun, there are still some feelings there. Sure it is not love, but you still have to care for you partner. This is why when looking for casual fun, you will still need to be able to feel like a human being. Again the feelings are different from love, but if you are able to show respect and compassion for your casual partners, then maybe you might be ready to take the next step and find the true love of your life. After all just because you don’t feel ready for a serious relationship doesn’t mean that you are not!


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